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Emotion Magic

Helping launch Mason Music from a home basement business to six locations throughout Birmingham

"Without Aaron Crocker, Mason Music would not exist in its current form. And it certainly wouldn't be where it is today."

-Will Mason, CEO, Mason Music


How to Take a Home-Based Music Business and Grow it into a Multi-Unit Music Brand

Call it a chance meeting. Call it providence. Or, call it God's plan.

Whatever you call it, it was a faithful day that began an incredible story and a remarkable journey for Will Mason.  

I was having a meeting in a local Starbucks with a friend talking marketing and business strategy. Little did I know a young man was eavesdropping and listening in on our conversation. 

When my meeting was over, I got up to leave and was stopped by Will Mason, an aspiring musician who was teaching music lessons out of his home basement.

He asked me if he could talk to me about marketing and business strategy?

I agreed to help, and we met weekly to discuss his vision. 

The challenge was this: Will was running music lessons out of his home, where kids would either come to his house, or need in-home lessons.

Will had a system in place, and he hired local college students to teach music to kids in their home.

When he approached me about marketing, I told him he was not ready to market, yet. 

What he really needed was a real business, with real growth opportunity.

Only then would it make sense to advertise. 


Weekly coaching meetings mixed with action plans.

Every week we'd meet and go over business basics. He needed business systems. A business plan. And a belief in his vision.

We talked about his numbers. His ideal prospect, and how to flip the way he paid his employees on its head.

Will is a quick study and massive action-taker. All he needed was good advice and he was off to the races. 

I served on the Mason Music board for the first three years of their business.

I was both delighted and humbled the day Will invited me to go to lunch to announce that Mason Music signed up the one thousandth student.


6 Birmingham, AL Locations

Offering music lessons in piano, guitar, drums, violin, and voice. Classes are offered in person and online.

Mason Music Foundation

Serving underprivileged populations with free music lessons through generous donations.

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