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About Me | About You

Now that you're here...

What would you like to know if we were sitting face-to-face enjoying a cup of coffee?

I find it an intriguing question because, for some curious reason, you've pointed your cursor to my About Page.

Curious indeed.

But let's face it. 

You're not here because of me; you're here because of you.

And that's as it should be.

Now that you're here, what do you hope to discover? 

Are you hunting for a world-class copywriter for a website project or landing page? 

Could you be searching for an experienced Copy Chief who can uncover the hidden gaps in your sales funnel?

Or do you need a breakthrough power offer or a big idea to help differentiate your offer in a sea of offers? 

You could be on this page for a dozen different reasons.

For all the reasons you may be reading this page – and this may surprise you – I'm betting the primary reason you're here is that what you need more than anything is emotive copy to move the sales needle. 

Yes, even if you're in the B2B space.

Because even accountants, engineers, and scientists need emotional comfort and security (though they might call it logic, math, or just the facts) to know they're making the right decision.

But you and I know that's just semantics.

When hard money is on the line, so are jobs, reputations, and ego. 

There's nothing emotional about all that. Right?

That's sarcasm. 

Okay, so back to our face-to-face coffee discussion. 

"Aaron, where are you from, and how does that influence your writing?" you ask.

"Interesting you should ask. Being an Alabamian has given me a unique perspective. Being conceived in the South, born a Yankee, and bred all over, has given me layers of understanding and diverse insights into the audiences who need my help. So, whether your audience is in Alabama, Massachusetts, or anywhere between, I've honed the skill to connect with them."

"Well, no offense," you begin, "but you don't sound like you're from Alabama."

You catch me smiling as I reply, "No offense taken. Ohio did magic on my accent as a child. Though I could never see it then, the blend of cultures has given me a unique versatility in understanding and connecting with diverse audiences."

"Okay, so other than your upbringing, what else makes you different from all the other copywriters and marketers in this world?" comes the inevitable question.

"Well, for one, I've learned to use the virtue of emotion to help businesses sell more products and services. Virtue being the operative word."

"Interesting. How do you define the 'virtue of emotion' from, say, well, the use of emotion in copy?" you ask.

"To answer your question, do you mind if I ask you a few questions?" I ask. 

"Sure," you respond.

"Have you seen your company's marketing be on-message and fail?" 

"All the time," you say. 

"Ever seen a sales funnel that is on-logic and fails?" 

"All the time," you say again.

"Have you ever run ads that were on-strategy and failed?" 

"Yes, I have," you sigh. 

"So, everything in your marketing seems like it should be working. Your marketing is on-message, your funnels are on-logic, and your ads are on-strategy... and yet nothing is working as it should?" I ask. 

"You're reading my mail right now," you say. 

"Would you say that copywriters and media buyers have attempted to use emotion in all these Facebook ads and landing pages?"

"Absolutely," you say.

"Then your copywriters and media buyers are probably misusing emotional appeals. I suspect they use emotional buzzwords that try to force an emotional reaction. In cases like this, even if you get an immediate response, you lose in the long term."

"What do you mean?" you ask. 

"What I mean is this. If you use forceful emotional appeals to manipulate people into a response, a part of them knows they've been played. You may get their money the first time, but good luck getting a client for the long haul."

"So what should my team do instead?" 

"It's time to infuse the virtue of emotion in your marketing. It's time for your marketing to be on-emotion. Because being on-message, on-logic, and on-strategy is not enough." 

"Tell me more," you say.

"Sure. The virtue of emotion refers to the ethical use of emotional appeal to engage with your audience. Forget the slimy stuff. Instead, craft wholesome messages that evoke emotions such as happiness, excitement, nostalgia, hope – life-giving, life-affirming, and virtuous emotions – and when used correctly, sometimes even fear." 

"Okay, in the words of Leonardo DiCaprio's character, Calvin Candie, in Django Unchained, "You had my curiosity, but now you have my attention." It's obvious that I could use your help. How can I contact you for more information?"

Ready to harness the virtue of emotion in your marketing? 

Let's chat.

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