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Consulting, marketing, and copy chiefing services for businesses who understand the money is in the list, the fortune is in the followup, but ...

The Magic Is In Emotion

You've known it as psychology, persuasion, influence, and behavioral science. But starting today, you'll know it as the Emotion Rules Framework.

Use Emotion Rules. Get More Business.

No matter how you need to reach your prospect, the Emotion Rules Framework has results for that:

Print Display Ads


Average ROI based on dozens of display ads generating multiple six-figures in revenue.

Direct Mail


Average ROI based on dozens of mailings that generated multiple six-figures in revenue.

Email Campaigns


Through email, my clients get up to 4,000% ROI and well over $500,000 in revenue.

Online Sales Letters


Combining well-constructed sales funnels and world-class, on-emotion copywriting, I've generated millions in new sales.

Fb & Google Ads


Leads are the lifeblood of any business, online or offline, and I've brought in thousands of new leads for my clients.

Website & Branding


Whether you are a new company needing website copy, or an established brand needing to rebrand, I've written copy for it all.

Confused why your marketing isn't working?

Does everything in your marketing seem like it should be working (your marketing is on-message, your funnels are on-logic, and your ads are on-strategy), and yet nothing is working as it should? If that's true for you then it's time to embrace Emotion Rules:

  • Marketing can be on message. And fail.

  • Rational reasons alone won't win people over. It's not enough for your marketing to be on-message. In addition, your marketing must be on-emotion. Just like in our personal lives, emotion rules in business. Emotion is the stuff of relationships; not logic. It's why we go to the movies. It's why we get married. And emotion is why we buy things. Emotion rules all areas of marketing, persuasion, decision-making, and the choices we make.

  • Funnels can be on-logic. And fail.

  • Nothing is more frustrating than putting in the hours, hard work and all the intense thought that goes into creating a sales funnel...only to see it fail. Far too many marketers forget that every phase of the funnel must be infused with human emotion. It's easy to lose sight of your customer's buying journey when the marketing machine behind all the landing page softwares promise you are only one funnel away from a brand new life. Ironically, those who have purchased SaaS page builders proves the point. Your funnel must be on-emotion.

  • Ads can be on-strategy. And fail.

  • The success of your ad strategy depends on you knowing and understanding that emotion drives reason more than reason drives emotion. 

  • Feelings come first. Or everything fails.

  • People feel before they think. The emotional part of the brain is larger than the rational part, and processes more emotive than cognitive activity. Input signals running from the emotional brain to the rational brain outnumber those running in the opposite direction by a ratio of 10 to 1. The implication for business? Value gets assigned emotionally, not rationally.

  • Recall is emotion-based. Or not at all.

  • Everything you remember has an emotional anchor in your brain. Prove it to yourself right now. Think of your most vivid memories, both good and bad. Those extreme highs and lows are easily recalled over your lifetime because an intense emotion is attached to them. Almost everything else is forgotten. From engagement to brand loyalty, everything is feeling based.

  • Emotion drives muscle action.

  • To emphasize the extent to which the rational brain isn’t at the center of determining what happens in life, consider the fact that only the sensory and emotional brain centers direct our muscle activity. (Ortony, Norman and Revelle, 2004). Even people born blind smile, frown, laugh and cry as proof that emotion drives muscle action.

Authentic. Real. Results.

Will Mason, CEO,

Mason Music

"Without Aaron Crocker, Mason Music would not exist in its current form, and it certainly wouldn't be where it is today..."

Pat Rigsby, CEO, PatRigsby.com
Business Coach & Entrepreneur 

"I can tell you this. I have never met a more through, detailed copywriter who is going to get to the heart of what you're trying to sell..."

Jeff Tomaszewski, CEO,

MaxStrength Fitness

"What's unique about Aaron is he gets to understand your business. If you have any marketing need at all, Aaron's your guy. You won't be disappointed...".

Paul Fetters, Balanced Habits

Past Owner of The Training Spot

"He did such an amazing job,

it blew up and it was fantastic. The ROI on this is 600%. It's unbelievable. I sold my business for seven figures..."

Fred Zoller, Owner, 

Lean Performance Academy

"I reached out to Aaron rewrite the copy on my two sales, and it was a life-changer. I've had 5,418 opt-ins, and my landing

page converts at 56.63% ..."

Forrest Walden, CEO, 

Iron Tribe Fitness Franchise Corp

"There's a little-known secret this business is powered by the pen of Aaron Crocker. I don't trust any other copywriter with my message..."

Eric Ruth, CEO,

Local by Referral

"Aaron's the kind of man you want on your team. There are very few people out there who can do it at Aaron's level. He's an A-level copywriter..."

Kieth Wimsett, Owner,

Inspire Fitness

"I can't tell you how many times I've met with a new client and say how the website copy just spoke to them, and how they felt they had to reach out..."

Rick Streb, Owner,

Fitness Marketing Systems

"I went to Aaron with a project that had the potential to be a home run, but needed gold-plated sales copy. Well, what Aaron delivered was platinum..."

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Let's sell something together.

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